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Want Business Email's For Free..?That's How You Can Get It .

Business Email For Free Sometimes people don't get the business email in there hosting package or cant purchase a hosting package with business email due to budget constraints. But now everyone can get the business email for free by following these easy step.

PrerequisitesDomain with Godaddy or any other hosting provider. In this Article, I will use GoDaddy as a Domain and Hosting Provider.Gmail Account to receive your business emails and send email using your business email.
Follow These Easy Steps:Login to your Godaddy Account.Click on My product under the Profile icon.

Scroll Down on My Product Page you will find Additional Product section theirs. Click On Additional Product, you will find Email Forwarding Pack for your domain for which you want to create Business Email. Click on Redeem. If you already Redeem that pack then you will find that at pack under Workspace Email section which on the same page just above the Additional Product Section.
Note: As the image shows, I have alr…